Foundations Counseling in Golden Valley, MN
Personal Mental Health Care for Individuals
Couples and Families

COVID-19 Update: At Foundations Counseling our greatest concern is for our clients, staff, and community’s health and wellbeing. At this time, we have IMMEDITATE openings with all therapists. As we move through this uncertain and difficult time, we are utilizing telehealth for sessions. We use HIPAA compliant thera-link to conduct our sessions. Your therapist will email you instructions prior to sessions for telehealth. Minnesota law stipulates that all insurers in the state cover telehealth, but we recommend you check with your insurer to confirm.

In our culture today we are constantly facing changes. Foundations Counseling can help you find new ways to manage challenges that are holding you back.

Our collaborative mental health approach helps by building a personal and professional relationship to encourage you along life’s journey. Rediscover all you want your life to be through counseling strategies and mental strengthening.

Our personal mental health care services are conveniently located in Golden Valley, MN to better serve the entire Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Many times we face challenges, disappointments and losses that can be difficult to navigate. We provide individual counseling for those wanting change.

We often find our greatest joy in relationships. At the same time, relationships are not as easy as the media portrays. We provide couples counseling for those willing to explore new ways to make things work.

Families can provide us with a place to belong and feel loved. For others, families had the power to hurt us. Together we can explore how to create the family life you desire.